Cost Efficiency & Service Quality with Managed GIC

Global businesses often look at traditional offshoring and outsourcing when expanding overseas.

Though time tested, both these approaches don’t fully address the challenges around cost efficiency, knowledge retention, finding and retaining skilled talent & agile working environments.

If you are looking to scale up business, save costs and build flexible, transparent teams, this webinar is for you. Watch Sapan Choksi, CEO, Systems Plus take these issues head on with Eric Gordon, President, Versitae. Register now.

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Hybrid SOC : The Managed GIC Way

Managing your business’s security footprint is imperative today. A Hybrid SOC under the Managed GIC model helps in setting up a robust foundation with seamless integration and continuous optimization of processes. Right from security tool configuration to agent management and provisioning to monitoring processes as per changing technologies, this model gives you an end-to-end solution along with a 50 percent cost saving. Listen in to Eric Gordon, President, Versitae and Sapan Choksi, CEO, Systems+ talk about the nuts and bolts of this arrangement.