Distributed Agile

In a world which is increasingly digital and where success is wholly dependent on cost and delivery optimization, the operative methodology of Agile not only takes precedence over traditional software delivery mechanisms but also opens up yet another door for increasing efficiency.

Agile of course is not a new concept, but in a world where organizations want to leverage the best talent across the globe, differences in Time Zones, Leadership & Communication styles or not having the right kind of talent to support product development can just as easily turn this into a “Digital Irony”

However, at Systems Plus, we’ve managed to work around these issues quite effectively. Agile, or more aptly Distributed Agile, at the end of the day is a “way of life”:

  • Distributed Governance

    We provide a collaborative operating environment and open communication for Distributed Governance

  • Solutions based Approach

    We take a solution based approach to make our work culture ideal for volatile projects which require intense collaboration

  • Geographically Remote

    We specialise in geographically remote models which can be scaled up or down depending on the project requirement

  • Shorter Sprint Time

    We ensure shorter sprint time periods with mutual planning and regular burn down/burn up reports to measure effectiveness


Scenario 1

A U.S based community association management company requiring constant upgrading of their various home grown systems as well as new product development is currently being supported by our ‘Managed” Captive or GIC team in conjunction with:

  • Product owners based in multiple locations in the US
  • Software Architects based out of US
  • A Delivery Team based out of both North & South America

The “Managed” GIC team works closely with the entire team to ensure that new development is in line with expectations, and the right solutions are being produced on a constant basis based on customer demand.

Scenario 2

An Indian firm with its parent company based out of Australia built a product core to its business with:

  • Systems Plus managing the overall project along with Application, Mobile and Embedded Development
  • A 3rd party building the necessary IOT capable hardware and having the Vendor Development Center co-located in the same city from where the heavy lifting of hardware coding was executed
  • Product ownership remaining with the client

While the project started out using traditional Project Management methodologies, it quickly evolved into a Distributed Agile work model so that the product could be developed more seamlessly. Based on the clients’ needs, product features were modified almost on the fly.

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