The DevOps methodology works well only for unicorns – a belief that is a misnomer. DevOps can be a part of your strategy at any stage of the transformation process. Yes, it has been definitely easy for digitally native organizations to deploy DevOps. However, larger organizations which have a legacy systems based IT infrastructure can successfully take a staggered approach to DevOps as a part of their Digital Transformation drive.

Needless to say, DevOps implementation within traditionally set up IT ecosystems is complex. Most companies find it difficult to move away from the legacy systems, because it entails a potential overhaul, culturally and operationally.

Which is why, at Systems Plus, we build teams with extensive experience of developing solutions keeping in mind the existing integration challenges. Armed with our large scale infrastructure experiences, we offer you the right mix of cross-functional skillsets merged with our ability to assist you in integrating newer technologies with your existing IT ecosystem.

  • DevOps Consulting

    After auditing your current infrastructure, we recommend improvement points for tools and processes. The recommended DevOps Strategy is suited to the bi-modal environment that your organization currently operates in

  • Integration

    We automate your testing and building process so as to mitigate the risks at an early stage and deliver quality releases

  • Cloud Adoption

    We move your App & data to the cloud so you enjoy speed and agility with ease of launching new environments whenever needed. This is could be a private or a public cloud or even a hybrid cloud environment depending on the need of the hour

  • Application Development

    We also undertake architecting language-agnostic APIs to build highly decoupled and modular Applications

  • Infrastructure Management

    We standardize resource configurations and their enforcement across IT infrastructure to protect your revenue, brand, and security before customers are impacted

  • Agile Environment

    We help with building an environment of enhanced deployment, lower failure rates and minimal downtime


An example of a typical implementation scenario where we could assist:

Scenario 1

Your organization is a manufacturing & distribution chain of premium accessories. You’ve been in business for over the last two decades and now have global presence. Like all other organizations within the industry and of similar size your core IT infrastructure is legacy based.

Given the advent of digitization you are currently facing challenges with managing 100s of processes, multiple layers of software and systems which may not be completely integrated with each other. As a result, your IT costs are high, functions are still working in silos and outages within the delivery process take forever to fix. What you need is:

  • Building a customized architecture steadily over time that does not result in loss of revenue and customer loyalty, all the while maintaining data integrity
  • Integrated systems which give you a balance between the old and the new with a common interface for users
  • Shorter Development Cycles
  • Automated Testing
  • Real Time deployment
  • An agile work culture on the back of tech like micro-services and containerization, enabling a seamless end-to-end software and then business delivery process

DevOps and Systems Plus are both synonymous with creating value and minimizing waste of time & resources, helping you save your dollars for innovation rather than spending them on frequent tech fixes.

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