Cloud Solutions

In the midst of the Fourth Industrial revolution and quite clearly in an increasingly digitalized environment whether a business requires to migrate to a platform with higher elasticity is no longer the question. The considerations are more around how much and which type. What would constitute a perfect cloud environment for your business?

With the movement towards a multi cloud environment using public cloud platforms such as AWS or an Enterprise Level private cloud platform and the use of DevOps during your cloud adoption journey, the typical challenges which you might face are as follows:

  • Underutilization of Cloud Storage Space
  • Unclear migration paths or loose adoption frameworks
  • Security concerns
  • Talent with the right skill set
  • Cloud Solutions Partners who lack understanding of business processes and traditional IT architecture
  • Inappropriate pricing and licensing issues
  • Longer Procurement Cycles

In addition to this, for established organizations, complex and hybrid environments which are a combination of multiple layers of public and private cloud platforms working in tandem with traditional IT architecture, is a reality. Not everything can be completely migrated to a cloud platform. If not constructed properly, this environment could have high cost ramifications and the ease of operating will be compromised.

Here’s how we can help you:

Our thorough understanding of legacy and record based systems along with three decades of partnering with global businesses across industries provides our client partners with greater leverage in the following areas:

  • Cloud Consulting

    We are in a better position to create adoption frameworks which are in line with the current IT architecture and business processes. This includes:

    • Determining the type and size of cloud architecture required
    • Determining which portions of your existing architecture need to be migrated or phased out. A complete and total overhaul is an unrealistic expectation, hence we suggest a staggered approach.
    • Building Adoption and Transition roadmaps
    • Clear ROI and TCO parameters
    • A stronger Go-To-Market strategy
  • Cloud Architecture & Management

    Our certified team of AWS and cloud consultants assist with custom application development, monitoring and scaling in line with your unique needs. Be it your PaaS, IaaS or SaaS needs, the team can provide you with solutions that are feasible and cost efficient, including assistance on determining optimal storage space for your organization and content distribution processes

  • Migration

    Using DevOps as a methodology with Cloud services allows us to follow a CI-CD model for pipeline automation when it comes to Application, Database or Service migration. Our expertise in traditional and new technology also helps us in defining a clearer, more streamlined migration path

  • Enterprise Cloud Solutions

    Creating an effective Enterprise Cloud Architecture requires strong collaboration with the business and operations teams to understand feasibility, usage and scale. Our approach is to first define business goals for SaaS and using a cloud reference model then define what traditional components from the current application architecture need to be migrated to the cloud. Our knowledge of traditional enterprise architecture and data centers allows us to be precise and streamlined during the migration exercise, keeping in mind, security challenges of a more open and a virtual platform. Our experience with providing docker solutions allow for containerization and micro-services across a diverse set of IT requirements


AWS & DevSecOps

If there were ever an example of a truly successful marriage, where partners complemented each other for outcomes which were far beyond what they could have achieved singularly, it would have to be one between DevSecOps & AWS.

Having a DevSecOps’ed culture and AWS as the chosen cloud platform means that your entire delivery pipeline could essentially be revamped to be more responsive to change.

DevSecOps integration targets feature development, automation testing, quality testing, product delivery and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability and security and provide faster development and deployment cycles. Combine that with AWS OpsWorks, for example, and you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Improved deployment frequency
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower failure rate of new releases
  • Shortened lead time between fixes
  • Faster mean time to recovery
  • Minimal or zero downtime
  • Security Testing

This combination makes it easier to automate processes and streamline your delivery pipeline to be agile and flexible enough to adapt to changing trends & consumer preferences. To understand our approach better and to know more on how we use our expertise in AWS. Click Here