There is a lot of value in data and most companies have not even begun to realize the full potential of their data. It is also a proven fact that companies that take their data analytics seriously outperform their competitors. We help companies develop a comprehensive data strategy so that they truly become data-driven with how they operate. Here are some of the key building blocks:

  • Data Infrastructure

    We recommend the right data infrastructure to store data from all sources. This can vary from structured data, such as SQL databases, to unstructured data, such as documents and click-stream data.

  • ETL Pipelines

    Once the appropriate infrastructure is identified, we then set up ETL pipelines to continuously move data from source systems to your data warehouse or object storage provider. These pipelines work continuously to keep your data fresh and relevant.

  • Data visualization and BI

    In order to extract value from data, we set up the best BI tools (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau, Looker) to feed off the data and create dashboards that can help drive business decisions daily.

  • Advanced Analytics and Data Science

    We leverage reliable machine learning platforms to derive insights from your data that can help transform your business. Our team sets up the necessary machine learning infrastructure and recommends the best models to enable the business.

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