Virtual Captive

The Virtual Captive platform, a Versitae and Systems+ think tank initiative, is born out of the need for organizations who want the strategic benefits of an offshore team, without the risk or hassle of having to own the platform. Through our disruptive offering, we bring to you all of strategic benefits of having a self-owned offshore team while mitigating most of its challenges:

Here’s how we can help get that edge over the competition:

  • Build the Virtual Captive Team

    We have delivered more than 20 captives, so we understand the nuances of what the customer needs. Our experts will work closely with your leadership team to build out your offshore team.

  • Infrastructure Support

    We have the existing facilities at our delivery centers in Mumbai and Pune, and a dedicated management team to support it all, which makes it easier for our clients to get started. We also support complete remote setups by providing the necessary infrastructure and security measures right at the employee’s home.

  • Talent Scouting

    With three decades of experience in the IT industry, it’s easy for us to identify the right skill sets you need, and hire the right talent for you. Our experience in working with global organizations helps us train employees to adapt better to the challenges of working in a multicultural and international environment.

  • People Integration

    We work very closely with our client partner representatives to integrate our future team members – right from talent acquisition to training and familiarizing the new team with the parent company. The virtual captive works as an extension of the parent organization.

  • Legal Considerations

    Since this model is administered legally by Systems Plus, there are no local tax and legal hassles to deal. Furthermore, the client does not have to deal with transfer pricing issues. In addition, all development through our model is the intellectual property of the parent company.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Our Virtual Captive model allows for 30% + cost savings compared to a traditional offshoring setup, giving companies using this model a strategic advantage.

  • Program Management

    With ISO-certified processes, we assure our clientele of quality whether it comes to people and processes or technology. We believe in maintaining a collaborative environment using industry best practices which also allows us to partner with our clients in their growth strategies.

For more on this offering,

watch Mr. Nikunj Jhaveri, Founder & Chairman, Systems Plus in conversation with Mr. Sapan Choksi, CEO, Systems Plus on how this model was conceived and its rapid adoption by some of the major global players: To know more on how our Managed GIC model worked for a US based global footwear retailer, click here

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