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The Managed GIC a Better Value Proposition

A virtual captive also know as a Managed GIC works better than traditional outsourcing because it is designed differently. We believe that companies achieve peak performance by hiring and nurturing talented people. This is also true for IT, and it
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A VIRTUAL CAPTIVE CAN HELP YOU improve DIGITAL capabilities AND agility

A Virtual Captive also known as a Managed GIC can help you improve your digital capabilities and Agility. It’s the only approach that can help a company achieve Modern Agility in a few important ways. The first is that a
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How can I make RPA work for me?

‘Managed’ GICs for ‘Managing’ Budgets and more!

In todays’ hyper-paced business environment where continuous delivery and continuous innovation have become a norm, CIOs must take a continuous approach to budget optimization as well. With so much c-suite thrust on balancing innovation with cost and delivery, it’s safe
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