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The Blockchain Story

There are so many recent instances of NPAs which have been brought to our notice by the media recently. Loan frauds seem to be the order of the day in many such cases. The typical modus operandi in such cases
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Why GICs Make Sense

We should be on the cloud! Why aren’t we using Blockchain? What kind of analysis and AI are we gathering from all the data that we are collecting today? Our competitors are using DevOps, we need to get there fast!
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Conversations That Matter

I was talking to a friend a few days back about how crucial it is for a CEO to manage his time effectively, and the topic of work emails came up. He told me something rather interesting. As a member
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What is the future of technology? We are hearing buzzwords all around with Vladmir Putin saying “The nation with the best and the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, they would be the one who would have control over the world”. But
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