GCC & Shared Services In 2023

2022 has proven to be a constantly shifting and unpredictable year for businesses. How has the pandemic and the looming threat of recession changed the technology outsourcing industry? Has it become more disruptive? Should organizations transform the way they collaborate with their technology outsourcing partners? How has the remote work culture changed organizations outlook towards business?
And more importantly, will your current outsourcing practices help you succeed in the changing global business scenario? If not, do you need to consider alternatives?

Key Takeaways:

– How your outlook towards outsourcing should evolve to consider alternative approaches
– Outsourcing as a tool to drive innovation and cost optimization
– The latest regulatory considerations affecting the outsourcing and technology industries
– Tactical outsourcing v/s Strategic sourcing
– New trends in the outsourcing world
– How to partner with the right outsourcing firm to create a meaningful and sustainable approach

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