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Retail equals to being omni-present. The moment a consumer thinks of purchasing a product, the first thing they do is access your brand online to check availability, features, pricing, discount options, testimonials, delivery cycles as well as return and refund options. Apart from ensuring that your brand is geographically accessible as a brick & mortar store, as a retailer, you now also need to extend the brand experience “digitally”.

Seamless integration of your brick & mortar stores with digital presence that is equally appealing across devices means that your POS, in-store promotions, inventory management and pretty much every aspect of your supply chain and delivery experience has to be in sync with each other all the time.

Now imagine the number of systems and applications which need to be integrated with each other. And that’s just the hygiene. Retail is competitive, which means that you’re always going to have to be a little better than the next guy. To be able to include new technology like conversation commerce or augmented reality you first need to start building a strong technical foundation to support that.

This is where we can help. We help your business Go Digital with a customized omni-channel retail strategy which not only kick – starts the digital transformation drive for your business but also ensures that you are able to provide your customers with the micro-personalization that they now expect. Here’s how:

  • Digital commerce

    Integration of Demandware or RetailPro with your existing technical framework and supporting the implementation of new features and enhancements on every upgrade

  • Technical Integration

    Providing a perfect balance between legacy systems and new technologies for an optimized operating environment

  • Supply chain & distribution

    Helping you create an agile retail supply chain by bringing in process automation and tech that aids real-time bug fixes so you are always available for your customers

  • APIs

    Our web APIs help in building a customized POS/ERP/WMS system backed by a strong database that is easy to comprehend

  • Data Integration & Analytics

    Allowing for data extraction and management in a way that you have one view of your customers’ purchase history


Scenario 1

A prominent retail chain of American family entertainment centers & restaurants was using a reservation system that was low on responsiveness, more manual than automated. It also did not allow for real time update of promotions and price changes on their in-store POS units. We restructured their entire system using API based implementation, to essentially make their disparate systems talk to one another. Result?

  • Seamless information flow
  • System flexibility across all platforms
  • Top line enhancements that increased customer traffic
  • Integrating the old & new technologies while improving the design for a better (& faster) online experience greatly reflected in the achieving their sales targets

Scenario 2

A global fashion retailer needed to integrate their POS units with the latest payment mechanisms/tenders so that consumers could be provided with multiple payment options. What did we do?

  • Developed a customized POS
  • Integrated the payment gateway with new tax calculations, 3rd party payment
  • Vendor integration, multiple pricing per product and employee discount
  • Management features
  • Enabled inventory visibility for E-commerce & social media based on APIs

Scenario 3

Post implementation of their Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance, a prominent US luxury jewelry retailer wanted an alternative support model that was not only more flexible but also more cost effective than the one that was being offered by its implementation partner.


We supported this need by building a team that was capable of executing/ solving different types of issues, enhancements and integrations. We further supported the client by taking over their site and job monitoring during the cleint’s night ensuring uptime of the SFCC site.

At Systems Plus,

we understand Retail as well as Technology. We understand that the market environment demands an omnichannel presence and we can help you GetITRight.

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