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The chances of your organization undergoing a digital transformation are high, and so are the challenges. With greater demands on you for integration with business processes, speed, scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, micro personalization, mobility, data insights, security and overall agility both from a CX and UX point of view, the perennial choice between Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) offerings and Custom Software Development (CSD) is overwhelming.

There are a number of considerations especially if you aren’t a digitally native organization. For start-ups Custom Software Development may be an ideal solution. However, for an organization with an IT ecosystem comprising various layers and types of technology in combination with a legacy systems based architecture, the decision to invest in Custom Software Development is a tough one.

Well, it shouldn’t be; and this is where we can help you:

  • Business Dependencies

    Our approach to providing our customers with the “right” solution begins with understanding of the business and the market environment. Whether off-the-shelf or fully built from ground-up, we look at providing customized solutions which not only create the much-needed integration between Business Operations and IT but also integrates systems and platforms for well-oiled “digital machinery”. This means, we do not recommend one straight laced approach. You may need custom software or custom mobile apps built from scratch or you may need minor customization on an off-the-shelf solution; we can cater to each of these needs

  • COTS Customization

    Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) offerings today have been upgraded to provide accompanying tools for customization. They may not be as flexible as custom software, but not all of your processes require you to build software from scratch. Our team of consultants will help you identify the right uses for COTS and help you customize it to meet some of those basic business and tech needs

  • API Management & Bespoke Development

    With the need to become more agile in their approach to Digital Transformation, organizations are struggling with integrating front-end and back-end technology in a way that it serves the purpose of both personalization and speed across mobile and other digital platforms. Our dedicated open source, java, .net and mobility teams specialize in solutions and tools for effective API management. Our bespoke application development services allow for custom development for PaaS and BaaS that addresses reuse, integration, cost and security concerns. This combined with Cloud Adoption and DevOps makes you digitally ready. Our broad technology breadth allows us to offer customized solutions across a gamut of technological requirements through your digital journey

  • Blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR) & IoT

    Whether off-the-shelf or built from scratch, the digital journey necessitates a new way of thinking. With organizations’ focus continuing to shift to CX, security and data driven decision making, applications that leverage Blockchain to minimize fraud, apps that allow you to virtually touch and feel a product through AR, and systems that actually understand what a machine is telling them, have become our realities. Our team is well equipped to build and support advanced applications to fulfil such a need. Our experience with technology both new and old makes us the perfect choice for supporting your AR, Blockchain or IoT capability enhancement needs


Here’s how we helped a global footwear retailer with some of their pain points:

Scenario 1

A U.S based footwear retail chain was in the process of investing in a new system which would allow them to phase out their existing legacy system. However, doing this would take a few years. With monies already invested in the system upgrade, they did not want to invest in an interim system. Our team helped them address this pain point by:

  • Taking over a critical legacy system with zero documentation and reverse engineering the code to understand the complexity of the application
  • Working closely with the business to understand the core processes that this system had an impact on
  • Building documentation for the system such that it could be supported by anybody, resulting in significant cost savings for the client

Scenario 2

Our mobility and open source team supported the same retail giant with enhancing their in-store experience:

  • The Systems Plus team built a customizable In-Store experience app based on image recognition and AR which could be used by Sales to Sales personnel and customers alike
  • The App allowed customers to extend their experience seamlessly from print on to the digital space by taking a photograph of the ad and then modifying the product as per size and colour to see what best suited them
  • In-store sales personnel could use the same feature for walk-in customers to allow them to explore product combinations, increasing the probability of a conversion
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