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RPA : How to match the data from excel with data grid or table on web applications

Requirement: To fill massive data from excel to a web application. Challenge: While entering the company name from excel to the web app in the search field before filling all the details from excel it comes up with similar accurate
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RPA : How to insert the multiple excel/CSV data in table format and send a mail

Inputs Microsoft Excel and .CSV Files Multiple excel files with 7 columns Outlook Email Template Requirements To get the data from multiple Excel/CSV files and insert in a table format and send a mail to the customers on daily basis.
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Changing Your Game with RPA

2020 may just be the year that lets humans be ‘more humans and less robotic’ – courtesy Robotic Automation Process (RPA). RPA has been using software bots that emulate human activities by performing repetitive business processes for a while now
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