Case Study

Getting IT right for one of the most prominent chain of American family entertainment centers and restaurants

Food is perhaps the best example of customization amidst commoditization, especially when it comes to Retail Food Chains. You just have to get it right, every time! Even if you do get all of the product ingredients right, you’re still going to have to delight your customers with exceptional service, to be a long term player.

With IT increasingly integrating with business processes, IT is one of the key ingredients for service delivery, which is where we come in! Take a look at how Systems+ helped a one of the top retail food chains in the U.S get IT right.


A Reservation System that was Low on Responsiveness

  • Processes that were more manual than automated
  • Lack of options for running promotional campaigns – XSell and Upsell
  • Inflexible pricing
  • Slow system performance directly impacting booking and store transactions
  • Unpleasant online experience due to old technology


Loss of Revenue

  • Cumbersome online experience resulting in customer dissatisfaction
  • Lack of dynamic offerings resulting in customers switching to other better options
  • Difficult to attract new customers
  • Slower reaction to seasonal consumer needs taking away first mover advantage


Seamless Information Flow and System Flexibility across Platforms

  • Understanding the business and its true IT requirements
  • Bringing together old and new technologies through system integration
  • Improving design for a better and a faster online experience
  • Implementing one common system across platforms – Website, Apps and the Call Centre
  • Reviewing and remediating processes to enhance internal and external user experience

Getting IT Right:

System Design Re-architecture

  • API-based implementation
  • Loosely coupled layers
  • Multiple language support
  • Automated testing and deployment

The Tech

  • ASP .NET MVC 5.0 and Web API
  • SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft Release Management
  • TFS 2015
  • Azure for Directory Authentication
  • SiteFinity (CMS)

Pay – Off:

Uninterrupted information and traffic flow

  • Flexible product offering
  • Seamless service delivery
  • Increased customer traffic
  • Top-line enhancement
  • Fantastic customer experience
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