Case Study

Getting IT right with a one-of-a-kind digital platform for Contractor Management

Widespread services across global locations require a company to have a large mobile workforce. To allow this flexibility, contractual employees are the preferred option. While this low cost approach may benefit the business, how to ensure that the skill set is compliant with all required parameters?

For the Oil & Gas industry, this has been a pressing concern over the years. Even the smallest mistake can have an impact on cost and reputation. Find out how we helped the Customer get IT right by constructing a disruptive solution that deeply integrates technology with business processes.


Absence of a common platform connecting contractors / workers with companies

  • Lack of access to technically skilled talent
  • Surety of requisite technical skills and training
  • Difficulty in monitoring worksite entry/exit
  • Overall governance of contractually run business operations


Low governance, high risk, massive cost implications

  • HSE risks for workers onsite
  • More chances of accidents resulting in high infrastructure and environmental costs
  • Lack of automation leaving more room for manual error
  • High administrative costs of running manual operations


Intuitive and common platform for all stakeholders

  • Understanding industry pain points and identifying how IT can bridge process gaps
  • Designing an intuitive system enabling multi-device use
  • Integrating third party applications to perform required checks for worker authorization
  • Reviewing and automating processes for data transparency and seamless information flow

Getting IT Right

Flexible, device-compliant online platform

  • Integration with Cettrax for worker insurance; Intellifi for background authentication; Safe Work Day for training compliance
  • NFC tag-based identification for onsite entry
  • Tab-based worker tracking and authorization for onsite entry
  • Worker, contractor and company registration on one platform creating a database with worker employment and training history
  • Data automation: capture and validation

The Tech

SAAS Model

  • Yii framework
  • Ubuntu
  • Android
  • NFC
  • MySQL

Pay – Off

Talent access, tracking eligibility, monitoring compliance

  • User-friendly design
  • Real time worker information
  • Consistent revenue model against a one-time cost
  • First mover advantage: no existing aggregator for contractual services
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