Case Study

Getting IT right for a Europe based global beverages manufacturer & distributor

For a business which is diversely invested, not only in terms of the product but also geography, process and systems compliance with the quality management standards in addition to maintaining consistency, can get a little tricky.

Find out more about how we helped a global Food and Beverages group get IT right by streamlining their IT processes across their EU locations and Japan!


Inconsistency in IT processes amongst geographically diverse business units

  • Differences in compliance requirements between geographies
  • Lack of knowledge with respect to industry standards across all locations
  • Different Legacy Systems deployed at the various businesses acquired by the group
  • Lack of effective controls for compliance making the business units vulnerable to security threats
  • Loosely structured SLA monitoring mechanisms which led to inconsistent service delivery


Low process adherence with possible security and cost ramifications

  • Security risks impacting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information
  • Poor quality of services and low per capita productivity as a result of process gaps
  • Improper disaster recovery as a result of key business processes not being synergised or operational
  • Costly remediation activities resulting from improper IT governance
  • An increased likelihood of fraud as an outcome of inconsistent compliance control parameters geographies


An all-encompassing process framework to ensure standardization across geographies

  • Review of existing documentation around IT processes
  • Understanding the key process gaps and taking quick measures for process alignment
  • Understanding business processes in order to ensure that IT and Business processes are efficiently integrated
  • Prevent governance issues and loss of revenue along with protecting the credibility of the organization amongst customers and stakeholders

Getting IT Right

Setting up a Centre of Excellence

  • Understanding “AS IS” processes
  • Conducting a gap assessment between “AS IS and “TO BE” processes
  • Building of a strong process framework based on industry good practices and
  • Providing support required for sustenance and update post implementation
  • Conducting periodic assessments and assisting in gap remediation

The Tech

  • Implementation of JSOX compliant processes across all locations to ensure compliance as per both the Japanese and European standards
  • Use of the latest framework COBIT 4.1 / COBIT 5.0/ ITILV3

Pay off

Increased consistency and efficiency of operational processes

  • Quicker Resolution time for business needs across geographies preventing opportunity loss
  • Risk prioritization preventing loss of capital due to a breakdown of operations
  • Increased efficiency of processes reducing manual intervention and reducing administrative costs associated with delay or human errors
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