Case Study

Getting IT right for one of America’s largest discount footwear retailers

Comfort, style, fit, variety, and accessibility: people want all of these when they buy shoes, but at what price? The average shopper always wants to get more, but Pay Less!

So, if you are a global footwear manufacturer with a large chain of retail outlets, you have to be able to keep your per unit costs low and focus on volumes to maintain a healthy top-line. And while you are busy streamlining your internal systems, you also have the added responsibility of debunking the myth that quality comes at a (high) price!

Here’s how our Managed GIC model helped the customer get IT right while paying less!


An opaque offshore delivery model

  • Inadequate control over delivery
  • Lack of day to day visibility
  • Low cost transparency
  • Narrow talent skill-set


Poor value for money

  • Cumbersome operating model resulting in unnecessary overheads
  • Lack of business knowledge resulting in gaps in service delivery
  • Lack of control over operations leading to opportunity costs
  • Reduced manpower productivity resulting in slower reaction time to business concerns


Self-controlled captive unit in India


    • Better access to talent, increased productivity
    • Complete transparency on cost and operations
    • Better retention of business knowledge
    • Quicker resolutions when it came to business concerns


  • Legal and statutory hurdles
  • Capital intensive
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Exit challenges

Getting IT right

A disruptive offshoring model with Systems+

  • A customer operated unit, but built and managed by us
  • Complete integration with the organization
  • Relevant talent pool hired in conjunction with the customer, but managed by us
  • Low CAPEX as the infrastructure is provided by us
  • Planning, governance and reporting

Pay Off

The Managed Captive advantage

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