Push Realtime Streaming Data to Clients using Amazon API Gateway’s WebSocket API

Realizing the value of realtime data insights, most businesses today have implemented some kind of streaming data capture & analysis mechanism. One popular way is using Amazon Kinesis, which provides both streaming data ingestion & real-time analytics solution. But in
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How can I make RPA work for me?

‘Managed’ GICs for ‘Managing’ Budgets and more!

In todays’ hyper-paced business environment where continuous delivery and continuous innovation have become a norm, CIOs must take a continuous approach to budget optimization as well. With so much c-suite thrust on balancing innovation with cost and delivery, it’s safe
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Dealing with the ‘digital’ boogeyman!

In the world of programming, all of us start out as idealists – wanting to write the cleanest, most perfect code. And then reality kicks in the form of deadlines and stakeholder pressures. That’s when most of us first encounter
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Using Amazon API Gateway to Route Requests to RESTful Microservices in Amazon ECS

This article is in continuation to an earlier article where we deployed RESTful microservices as Docker containers in Amazon ECS. There we used path-based routing configured in an internet-facing ALB, to invoke the REST APIs from outside AWS. But since
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Deploying RESTful Microservices as Docker Containers in ECS Fargate

Say you have a couple of RESTful microservices at endpoints /c1 & /c2. Let’s look at how we can get these deployed on ECS. Here’s what we’re aiming for: Each microservice will have its own independent docker image/container & endpoint.
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